Armella “Millie” Chisholm died of COVID-19 on April 14th 2020 at Grandview Health Center in Washington MO, sister facility to the elder-care home (Cedarcrest Manor) that she’d worked at many years as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She was 93 years old.

In the post-WWII years Millie married her first husband, Clarence, who she had 10 children with. After his passing, Millie was able to find love again. She was married to Harry Chisholm for about 8 years until his death in 2000.

In her retirement, Millie volunteered with the VFW, attended dances, musicals, family events, and became an avid quilter and crafter (check out her obituary for some pictures of her quilts). She kept a very busy social life, and even when dementia set in, she still enjoyed socializing with other residents and staff.

Millie’s children in the Washington MO area and with their families were very active in visiting her every day at Grandview after dementia caused her to need full time care. Her family doesn’t fault the care facility; as one of her daughters told the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

“It was unimaginable that the staff was able to deliver meals to patients everywhere in the facility, to help feed all of those who needed assistance, and to still attend to their regular needs,” she said. “Added to this was an unprecedented volume of calls from family members asking for updates. No nursing home can be staffed or prepared for such an abrupt change to their entire protocol.”

Armilla “Millie” Chisholm is missed deeply by her large extended family, the staff and other residents at Grandview Manor Nursing Home, and the countless lives she touched volunteering and as her vocation as a nurse.