Sharon Kay Wylder

Sharon Kay Wylder St. Louis Metro East COVID-19 death

Sharon Kay Wylder (nee Lobstein) of Carlyle Illinois died from complications of COVID-19 on December 29, 2020 at the age of 78.

Sharon grew up in East St. Louis, Illinois attended St. Teresa’s Academy and graduated from St. John’s School of Nursing as a Registered Nurse. As a nurse, she cared for everyone from nursing home residents to newborns. Sharon raised her five kids with her late husband, and loved it when she was able to retire and spend more time with her grand kids.

Sharon Wylder is missed deeply by her sister and three brothers, five adult kids, grandchildren, great grandchildren, extended family and circle of friends.


Sharon Kay Wylder obituary at Zieren Funeral Home 

Talmage “Tal” Dwain Hillman

Talmage Dwain Hillman of Godfrey IL died of COVID-19 on December 16, 2020 at the age of 75. His final message before he died was “wear a mask, the life you save may not be your own.”

Tal spent his life helping people live better lives through his work with the developmentally disabled at Bellefontaine Habilitation Center. He’s remembered for the way he lifted everyone up, helping employees he managed to reach their potential as they helped the residents they worked with. After retiring in 2013, Tal stayed in touch with his old coworkers, finally had time to golf more, and loved live shows and Cardinals games. Lately he had started to forget things and moved into an assisted living facility, but he “remembered two current things: Covid & he hated Trump.” Tal was still madly in love with his wife of 54 years and they were able to Facetime together before he passed.

Talmage Hillman is missed deeply by his wife, two daughters, son, grandchildren, extended family, huge circle of friends, and the many lives he touched through his long career of helping people with developmental disabilities live their best lives.


Talmage Dwain Hillman obituary at Gent funeral Home 

Richard C. Mintzlaff

Richard “Dick” Mintzlaff died of COVID-19 on November 11, 2020 at the age of 77.

Dick worked with the St. Louis ARC for over 25 years, was an avid participant in community theater and Renaissance Faires, and did his best to live by his morals. He was also very active at his church (Zion Lutheran Church in Maryland Heights) writing Sunday school curriculum, singing in the choir, serving as an elder, and helping out in countless other ways. He would give the shirt off his back to help someone in need, and he’s remembered as being inclusive and welcoming to new people in his social and work spheres. Dic loved being a husband to his late wife and a father to his two girls more than anything.

Richard Mintzlaff is missed deeply by his two daughters, family, all the people at the St. Louis ARC whose lives he made brighter, his church family, huge social circles in the Renaissance Faires and St. Louis community theatre groups.


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William “Bill” French

William “Bill” French lost his fight with COVID-19 on December 20, 2020 at the age of 77.

In 1977 Bill founded Wm French Buyers Real Estate Services, Inc., a comprehensive relocation service that focused solely on the buyers’ interests with a relocation plan tailored specifically to their needs. It was, at the time, the first and only buyers-only model agency in the country, and grew to be the largest. Bill worked tirelessly to grow the business as he and his wife raised their two sons. He was a passionate advocate and volunteer for the Independence Center, served on the Board of Directors for 8 years, and never missed an opportunity to assist in furthering the organization’s mission to holistically help those with severe and persistent mental illnesses.

Bill French is missed deeply by his wife (the love of his life), two adult sons, grandchildren, employees, huge circle of friends and colleagues, those whose lives he touched through his volunteer efforts with the Independence Center, and the countless people whose lives he brightened while on this earth.


Jimmie Allen Palmer

Jimmie Allen Palmer of Collinsville, IL died December 16, 2020 at Mercy Hospital from COVID-19 related complications at the age of 79.

Jimmie was a retired carpenter millwright, enjoying retirement with his wife of 62 years. He loved nothing more than a good bargain, and was a daily visitor to Pawn King in Collinsville. Jimmie was also passionate about classic cars (especially his blue Challenger), playing golf, spending time with his family, and laughing. He coached his four kids’ baseball and sports and had a blast being a father, and even more fun being a granddad and great granddad.

Jimmie Palmer is missed deeply by his wife, kids, grandchildren, great grandchildren, extended family, friends, and by his dog Gracie.


Jimmie A. Palmer obituary at Barry Wilson Funeral Home

John H. “Jack” Doerr

Jack Doerr COVID-19 death

John (“Jack”) Doerr of Kirkwood died after a brief battle with COVID-19 on November 27, 2020 at the age of 83.

After serving in the Army as a cook, Jack met his wife at a VW rally in Webster Groves and they raised their two daughters in Kirkwood. Jack worked as a self employed general contractor until he retired, and was living at Friendship Village Sunset Hills for the last few years of his life.

Jack Doerr is missed deeply by his wife of 59 years, his surviving daughter, grand kids, extended family and friends.


John H. “Jack” Doerr obituary at St. Louis Cremation

Kenneth Ray McCuistion

Kenneth McCuiston St. Louis COVID-19 death

Kenneth “Ken” Ray McCuiston died of COVID-19 on December 10th at the age of 75 after a short battle with the virus.

Ken served in the Navy during Vietnam and had a daughter who preceded him in death several years ago. He worked as a printer at PrintPack for over 30 years. Ken’s life had many challenges, but he was very much loved by his tight circle of friends and family and he is remembered for having a good heart.

Ken Ray McCuiston is deeply missed by his sister and brother in law whom he was very close with, and by the staff at Delmar Gardens.


Kenneth R. McCuiston’s obituary at Hutchens Funeral Homes 

Helen Sydow Clark

Helen Sydow Clark St. Louis COVID-19 death

Helen S. Clark died November 26 from complications of COVID-19 and congestive heart failure at the age of 82.

She graduated from St. Louis City Hospital’s School of Nursing in 1959 and went on to have a long career in nursing, staying involved in the alumni association after retiring. Helen raised her two daughters with her late husband and loved being a grandma. She supported various nonprofits, read voraciously, and played a good game of checkers. Before COVID-19 hit, she was a daily regular at Miss Sheri’s Cafeteria in South County.

Helen Sydow Clark is missed deeply by her two daughters, step sons, grandkids, extended family, and all those who were fortunate to know her.


Helen Sydow Clark obituary at St. Louis Cremation 

Leroy J. Huskamp

Leroy Huskamp of Fairmont City IL died of COVID-19 on November 22 at Granite City Nursing and Rehabilitation at the age of 84.

Leroy is remembered for being a congenial conversationalist who never met a stranger and who could make anyone smile. He loved to go fishing and to spend time with his family.

Leroy Huskamp is missed by his wife, adult children, grandkids, and extended family.


Leroy Huskamp obituary at Kassly Funeral

Barbara Ann Molloy

Barbara Ann Molloy died after a brief battle with COVID-19 on November 10, 2020 at OSF St. Anthony’s Health Center in Alton IL at the age of 80.

Barbara worked for many years as a nursing home administrator and was known as a cheerful caring person with an infectious laugh who never met a stranger. She loved telling a good story and bringing a smile to peoples’ faces. Together with her late husband, Barbara raised their four children.

Barbara Molloy is missed deeply by two daughters, two granddaughters, extended family, former work friends, and everyone whose life she made a little better.

In Barb’s honor, her family urges continued social distancing and mask compliance.

Barbara Ann Molloy obituary at Gent Funeral Home

Jane Durbin Jensen

Jane Jensen of Kirkwood died of Covid-19 related complications at the age of 83 on October 25, 2020.

Jane was married to the love of her life, Bill, for 19 years until his untimely death in 1979. She returned to work, raised her four daughters, and never remarried. A devout Catholic, Jane lived her faith by helping others, and passed those values on to her daughters (two of them grew up to become doctors). After 20 years as a secretary at the Museum of Transportation, Jane retired and threw herself into volunteering with St. Patrick’s Center, St. Peters Church, and other community causes. She was truly a doer with actions behind her words and thoughts.

As Susan, the oldest daughter, told mom on her deathbed, she taught us about humanity, taught us to be compassionate and empathic in all we did.  She taught us all to make human connections and that life was worth living when we looked out for each other: family, friends and strangers.  

Jane Jensen is missed deeply by her daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren, church family, and by the many people whose lives she helped make better through her volunteer work and friendship.


Jane Jensen obituary at St. Louis Cremation 

Antoinette “Toni” Gertrude Walker

Toni died of COVID-19 on October 15th, 2020 at the age of 79.

Toni married Bill Walker 54 years ago and raised three daughters with him. She loved nothing more than spending time with family and closely following and participating in her 5 grandkids’ activities. She and Bill loved traveling together and they were never far apart. Toni was a long-time member of The St. Louis Women’s Club, Algonquin Golf Club, and St. Vincent De Paul Parish.  

Toni Walker is missed deeply by her beloved husband Bill, her children, grandchildren, and circle of friends.


Toni Gertrude Walker obituary at St. Louis Cremation 

Roger Dee Bennett

Roger Dee Bennet died of COVID-19 on September 26, 2020 after a month-long fight. He was 79 years old. He and his wife had just celebrated their 59th wedding anniversary and were already planning out their big 60th together.

Roger was an avid reader, baseball lover, animal lover and expert fish fryer (he also loved to fly fish). Before retiring he was an executive in the publishing industry, when he was known to sport a trim beard and smoke a pipe. He never stopped believing in justice.

Roger’s family wants people to honor him by supporting healthcare workers and wearing masks. He is missed deeply by his wife, three adult daughters, grandchildren, extended family and circle of friends.

Roger Dee Bennett obituary on

Billie “Jack” McDermott

Billie “Jack” McDermott of Bethalto Illinois died of COVID-19 after a lengthy battle with the virus on September 4, 2020 at Alton Memorial Hospital. He was 81.

Billie proudly served our country in the National Guard and retired from Laclede Steel (now Alton Steel) after 42 years as an electrician. He was a member of the United Steel Workers Union and served as a shop steward for many years. He was a lifetime Democrat and a member of various Church of Christ churches. Especially in his retirement, Billie enjoyed watching his grandsons in their sports, spending time at Lake of the Ozarks, fishing, family pets, and watching old westerns.

Billie McDermott is missed deeply by his wife of 59 years, his two children, grandchildren, family, extended family and all his friends.

Billie McDermott obituary at Elias Kallal and Schaaf Funeral Home

Elaine Anita Weir

Elaine Anita Weir (nee Eckelkamp) of Des Peres (St. Louis County) passed of COVID-19 on July 20, 2020. She was 78 years old and also had Alzheimers, but her gentle personality still showed through until the very end.

Elaine was appreciated by her friends and family for her pot roast and skills at baking from scratch. She helped the St. Louis community through her volunteer work with the St. Patrick’s Center and Birthright charities.

Elaine Anita Weir is missed by her seven grandchildren, surviving brothers and a sister… and of course, all her friends and the many people whose lives she touched.

Obituary for Elaine Anita Weir (Eckelkamp) – at Bopp Chapel

Richard “RC” Bartholic

Richard Bartholic COVID-19 death

Richard Bartholic died August 8, 2020 of COVID-19. He was 82 years old and died in an assisted care facility.

Richard was married to the love of his life for 64 years and loved being a husband and father. He coached basketball, baseball, and other sports and taught his kids how to be good team players and cooperate. Richard is remembered for singing to his closest friends, loving food, and being an all around amazing friend and great guy. He had an inspiringly positive attitude while continuing to recover from a stroke and made more friends in his recovery process. After COVID-19 forced nursing homes to stop allowing visitors, his eyes would light up when the staff helped him use the phone to talk with his wife and family.

Richard Bartholic is missed deeply by his wife Gayle of 64 years, his extended family, friends at The Stroke Club (including Frank Siefried and his wife), friends he made at the assisted care facility, and everyone in his social circle.