Elaine Anita Weir

Elaine Anita Weir (nee Eckelkamp) of Des Peres (St. Louis County) passed of COVID-19 on July 20, 2020. She was 78 years old and also had Alzheimers, but her gentle personality still showed through until the very end.

Elaine was appreciated by her friends and family for her pot roast and skills at baking from scratch. She helped the St. Louis community through her volunteer work with the St. Patrick’s Center and Birthright charities.

Elaine Anita Weir is missed by her seven grandchildren, surviving brothers and a sister… and of course, all her friends and the many people whose lives she touched.

Obituary for Elaine Anita Weir (Eckelkamp) – at Bopp Chapel

Reginald Gladney

Reginald Gladney St. Louis COVID-19 death

Reginald Gladney died July 30, 2020 of COVID-19. He was 56 years old. Reginald served in the United States Marine Corps, Army, and Air Force for 21 years and retired a decorated veteran. After military retirement, he went onto a second career, working for in civil process as a St. Louis County Sheriff’s Deputy for 11 years and security for 17+ years with the St. Louis Blues Association.

More than his impressive career, Reginald was a mentor, friend, and father. He loved life, his family, and truly saw the beauty in other people. He took his joy from helping make life a little better for those blessed to know or even casually encounter him.

As his obituary so eloquently put it: “If you’ve ever been to a STL Blues game there is a very good chance you met our father Reggie. To our father, meeting people and being a joy bringer was something to look forward to. People are a valuable treasure and he treasured his Tribe.  Reggie, modeled himself to his favorite superheros Superman and Batman. He believed in goodness. He believed that every person is superhuman and had the ability to do good or harm. He believed in conscious choices, deliberate intentions, and grace. Our father believed in people and chose to live a life of service. If you haven’t guessed, our fathers love language was Acts of Service and he spoke it loudly. He practiced goodness, consciously, daily. His goodness was infectious. His smile was bigger than his face could contain. He had an expansive chest with massive pythons for arms. He could give a hug that enveloped your entire being. His deep belly laughter was the soundtrack to many special moments, as were his frequent threats of bodily harm, playful teasing, and random dancing. To our father you were his brother, sister, daughter, son, child, or sunshine. The greeting was a reminder, you were his family…

…He was humble, gentle, and kind.  Our father was a cultivator of joy. Everyone blessed with an encounter with Reggie, all became happier, healthier, better versions of ourselves because of his joy.”

If the point of life is to touch as many lives as possible, making them better, and bringing joy to your corner of the world, Reginald Gladney accomplished this.

Reginald Gladney is missed deeply by his three children, close-knit family, and the entire St. Louis region where he inspired and moved too many people to count.


Irene A. Taschler

Irene A. Taschler died July 20, 2020 from complications of COVID-19. She was 95 years old.

Irene was a respected former executive secretary at Emerson Electric. She stayed active with her late husband, visiting their second home in Hawaii and traveling often to see her family in Austria. In her later years Irene loved volunteering at St. Anthony’s Medical Center (Mercy South Hospital).

Irene Taschler is missed deeply by her adult children, great grandchildren, and extended family both here in St. Louis and in Vienna, Austria.


Irene Taschler’s obituary on Kutis Funeral Homes 

Rosemarie Richardson

Rosemarie Richardson, formerly of Union, died at a nursing home in Washington MO on July 16, 2020, of COVID-19. She was 79 years old.

Rosemarie lived her whole life in the Washington-Union area, and worked at St. John’s Mercy Hospital for 37 years. She was a member of the V.F.W. Auxiliary in Washington and her friends admired her warm wit. Even in the nursing home, she was active and enjoyed trivia and participating in many activities.

She’s missed by her remaining family, and by the friends she made at the nursing home, and everyone who was lucky enough to know her on this side of life.


Rosemarie Richardson obituary on Legacy 

Jean Lorraine Crocker

Jean Lorraine Crocker died from COVID-19 on July 29, 2020 at the age of 70. She grew up in St. Louis and lived her last years in Hillsboro Missouri. She retired after working 20 years as a medical administrative assistant for the St. Louis University School of Medicine.

Jean loved animals, tracing her genealogy and family tree, and spending time with her grandchildren and extended family. She’s remembered as being a sweet caring woman and always having a nice thing to say. Jean Lorraine Crocker is missed deeply by her grandchildren, extended family, and friends.


Jean Lorraine Crocker obituary 

Joan M. Clines

Joan M. Clines St. Louis County COVID-19 death

Joan M. Clines died from complications of COVID-19 on July 29, 2020. She was 84 years old. She spent most of her life in Ferguson and was a bus driver (#22) for the Ferguson-Florissant school district for almost 50 years. During the summers, she co-managed the pool at January-Wabash Park in Ferguson and taught hundreds of kids how to swim.

Joan Clines is remembered as being full of life, active, and a great friend. She’s missed deeply by her adult children, grand children, great grand children, former coworkers, and all the now-grown kids who she ever taught to swim or who were lucky enough to ride her bus.


Joan Clines obituary on OsFuneralHomes.com 

Raymond H. Bayer, Sr.

Raymond H. Bayer Sr. died of complications from COVID-19 on July 20, 2020 at the age of 82.

In his early career Ray was a volunteer firefighter, carpenter, and real estate salesman. He ended up working 35 years in banking, including leading the consumer lending division at Community Federal Savings. He served as a founding board member, C.E.O., Executive Director, and Assistant Secretary to the Missouri Higher Education Loan Authority (MOHELA) from 1983 until his retirement. He served on many boards and donated his time to various charitable organizations, practicing his Catholic faith through giving back.

More than his career, Ray was a family man and married to his wife for 51 years. He was a doting father to his six children and truly enjoyed spending time with his family. He always had a smile and was loved by many.


Raymond H. Bayer obituary on OsFuneralHomes.com