Angela R. Jones

This memorial is unedited, as written by her family: Angela Renee Jones, 53, passed on May 9, 2020 after contracting COVID-19.

Angela Renee Jones was born on January 26, 1967 in Saint Louis, Missouri. Angela belongs to a large family and an even bigger blended family. Angela was affectionately known as “Cookie” and also later as “Cook Book” and “Auntie Cookie”.

Angela was a proud graduate of Soldan High School. She kept in close contact with her fellow classmates and she loved to attend alumni events. After graduating from Soldan in 1985, Angela attended Southeast Missouri State University where she studied Accounting. She also attended Saint Louis Community College where she studied nursing. Angela earned her certification in Phlebotomy and she worked for the Saint Louis Red Cross for over 10 years. Angela always did her part to help serve others. Angela had a rare blood type and she regularly donated her blood.

Angela later worked for United Health Care Group for 13 years until she contracted COVID-19.

Angela always made the time to volunteer and serve in her community. She would often thank others for giving her the opportunity to serve.

Angela had a very full life and she was an avid traveler. Not only did Angela travel all over the United States, she traveled all over the world. Just to name a few places, she traveled to Jamaica, Belize, Dominican Republic and Cancun. She was so fearless. She never missed an opportunity to experience and travel. She was such an inspiration to so many people.

Cookie was a staple at family functions. She was always ready to help organize and put on a family function. Cookie was always there…. Graduations, Birthday Parties, Barbecues, The annual Fish Fry… Cookie was the glue to our family.

Angela never had any children of her own, however, she was a mother to so many of the children in our family. It takes a village and she certainly did her part to help raise, love and support so many kids. She sacrificed her life to others and gave selflessly. She touched so many lives. We thank God for the gift He gave to us in the person of Angela “Cookie” Jones.

Angela is dearly missed by her family, friends and loved ones. She was so special to us. Not a day goes by where we don’t have a memory of Cookie. We are so thankful for the time we did get to spend with her and all of the memories that we made with her.

Thank you for allowing us to share the life, memory and the legacy of our loved one!!


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In Loving Memory of a Beautiful Soul – by her loving sister

Angela R. Jones Affectionately known as Cookie was a beautiful soul that is Deeply missed!! 

Angela was a Loving Daughter, Sister, Friend and Auntie. 

She was witty…
She had a quirky sense of humor…
She had a smart mouth…
She loved to travel all over the world…
She loved concerts & plays
She loved her family and they loved her back
She had no kids, but was a mother to many and took care of her many many nieces & nephews, great nieces & nephews and so many other kids who needed anything…
She had a heart of gold…
She was fun…

She’s gone but most certainly always in my heart and surely will never be forgotten!!

Written By: Her Loving Sister!

Carl Edward McLittle Jr.

Carl Edward McLittle Jr. passed of COVID-19 on May 17, 2020 at the age of 74. He was a Vietnam War veteran, a loving father and grandfather, and a lifelong learner.

He’s missed deeply by his family, friends, and all those who knew him.


Carl McLittle Jr obituary at Reliable Funeral Homes 

Dorothy J. Lauman

Dorothy Lauman COVID-19

Dorothy J. Lauman passed away on May 7, 2020 from Covid-19, at the age of 96.

Dorothy was born and raised in South St. Louis City, and raised her kids in St. Louis City. She started playing piano at the age of 6, and was still playing it for the residents of Nazareth Living Center up until about a month before she died (90 years!). Music was a big part of her life, and she taught piano to all ages of students throughout her life. She and her late husband were also very involved with sports while raising three boys. Dorothy was active in many parish events, extra-curricular school activities, and volunteer work with Epiphany Catholic Church. She baked 3000 cookies every Christmas and knitted sweaters for family and pets (and her knitted dish-rags “never wore out”). Setting up her Christmas tree, with stories behind ornaments from every year and part of life, is a memory her grandchildren treasure.

Dorothy J. Lauman is missed deeply by her surviving sons, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, extended family and all those whose lives she touched.


Dorothy Marie Wolff Goebel

Dorothy Marie Wolff Goebel died of COVID-19 on May 21, 2020 at Riverside Rehab and Healthcare in Alton IL. She was 92. Dorothy lived most of her life in Prairietown (unincorporated Madison County) where she and her husband farmed 57 years until his death in 2004.

Dorothy loved gardening, birds, animals, entertaining, and cooking for guests. Dorothy was a member of the St. Peter’s Lutheran Church, St. Peter’s Ladies Aid, Prairie Unit Home Extension and Election Judge for Moro Township for many years.

Her family visited her regularly until the nursing homes shut down due to COVID-19. Once she caught coronavirus, her health deteriorated quickly and she died without her loving family surrounding her.

Dorothy is missed deeply by her daughter, four grandsons, and large extended family.


Dorothy Wolff Goebel obituary at Kravanya Funeral Home 

Melvin Solomon

Melvin Solomon died from complications of COVID-19 on May 14, 2020 at Memorial Hospital in Belleville IL. At 90 years old, he was a WWII veteran and had earned the World War II Victory Medal for his service. After the war, he and his wife Phyllis raised their family, while Melvin worked 30 years at the United States Post Office serving as a letter carrier (ultimately working his way up to supervisor). He also moonlighted as a taxi cab driver, and had lots of stories to tell from doing that!

Mel and his wife retired to Las Vegas where they had lots of fun. Phyllis passed away and soon after, Melvin moved to Grand Manor in Swansea Illinois to be close to his granddaughter. He kept his sharp wit and liked jokes (both dirty and clean), BINGO, garlic powder, and learning new things.

Melvin Solomon is remembered as a kind and generous friend and as a loving father and grandpa. He’s missed by his family and everyone who knew him every day.


Melvin Solomon’s obituary at Kassly Funeral

MaryCatherine Keene

MaryCatherine Keene died May 20, 2020 at Riverside Nursing Home and Rehab Center in Alton Illinois from COVID-19 at the age of 94. Because of the nursing home lockdown and pandemic safety precautions, her family was unable to be with her. She was one of 17 deaths at the home as of August 4th.

During WWII, MaryCatherine moved to St. Louis and worked as an airplane riveter, and did all she could to help the Allied causes. After the war, she moved back to Alton and married her husband (who preceded her in death). Mary had an independent spirit and outgoing personality. According to those who knew her best, she never met a stranger. She was an avid reader and skilled quilter. She was a master storyteller of her true life stories and was proud of being a woman that worked in her time allowing women to wear long pants.

MaryCatherine Keene is missed by her daughter, a surviving sister, grand children, and extended family. She’s also missed by the other residents of Riverside Nursing Home and anyone lucky enough to draw a story out of her.


Dr. Jerry J. Bosse, PhD

Dr. Jerry J. Bosse, a clinical psychologist, died from complications of COVID-19 on May 17, 2020. He was 79. He was born and raised in Belleville, and spent much of his later years in Chesterfield near his work in Maryland Heights.

Dr. Bosse was a solo practitioner (of “Life Appreciation Therapy”) who believed that excellent mental health and general life satisfaction could be attained by choosing peace and joy. His approaches incorporated guided meditation to increase mindfulness, of which he was an early adopter. Through his practice and leadership at Aaron Psychology Centers in Maryland Heights, he helped facilitate emotional healing in the lives of thousands.

Dr. Jerry Bosse is missed by his six adult children, grand kids, friends, and everyone whose lives he made a little bit better in his vocation.


Dr. Jerry J. Bosse obituary on Renner Funeral Homes 

William D. Baker, WWII Veteran

WWII Veteran William D. “Bill” Baker, died May 1, 2020 at Edwardsville Care Center of complications related from COVID-19. He was 96.

BIll served in the US Army as an amphibious engineer in the South Pacific under Admiral Halsey during WWII. He also served in major assaults on Morotai Island in Indonesia, in the Netherlands, the East Indies, Lingayen Gulf on Luzon in the Philippine Islands, and eventually in Osaka, Japan.

After his honorable discharge from the military, Bill married his sweetheart June (who passed in 1996) and began his large family (raising 13 children in all).  He retired after a long career at the US Post Office in 1984.

Bill loved to take his family on camping trips, playing any card game (especially poker and pinochle), and the Chicago Cubs. Most of all, he loved spending time with his family.

Bill is deeply missed by his 12 surviving children, 90 great-grandchildren, and 19 great-great-grandchildren… and all his neighbors and friends that he made over his long life.


William Baker obituary at Crawford Funeral Homes 

Shirley Maxine Hayes

Shirley Maxine Hayes (nee Webb) died of COVID-19 on May 16, 2020 at NHC Healthcare in Maryland Heights. She was 86 years old, still sharp as a whip, and 100% authentic.

She was known as a spit-fire outspoken advocate of marriage equality and the LGBTQ community, and as a champion of social justice issues. Shirley Maxine was a fiercely independent woman who spoke her mind often and freely and as such was admired by many. She loved animals (especially wolves), the arts, dessert, and spending time with good friends.

Shirley Maxine Hayes is missed deeply by her grandchildren, great grandchildren, extended family, and her tight knit circle of close devoted friends.


Clifford R. Youngstrom

Clifford Youngstrom covid-19

Clifford Russell Youngstrom passed away on May 15, 2020 in hospice care at St. Luke’s Hospital after a courageous battle with COVID-19. Due to restrictions, his loved ones were unable to be at his side, but they spoke continuously with him phone to let him know their love and support. He was 93 years old.

Clifford was born and raised in St. Louis. He proudly served in WWII and, as his obituary states:

In January 1944 he enlisted in the US Navy to fight in World War II. He shipped out to the Pacific and was assigned as 20mm gunner on the destroyer escort USS CROWLEY (DE303). His ship operated with the Third Fleet and went through the devastating “Typhoon Cobra” in December 1944. He later saw action at the battles of Leyte Gulf, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. At war’s end he witnessed the signing of the Japanese surrender, his ship moored in Tokyo Bay near USS MISSOURI

After the war, he volunteered to accompany test ships that were taken to be used in “Operation Crossroads” (Bikini Bomb Tests), and witnessed both nuclear detonations.

He married his wife after he got out of the military in 1947. They raised their family while he worked at the Aeronautical Chart and Information Center (ACIC). After raising their family, Cliff and his wife helped elderly members of their family during the last years of their lives.

Clifford Youngstrom is deeply missed by his wife of 72 years, his children, grandchildren, and his extended family.


Barbara A. White

Barbara Ann White COVID-19 death

Barbara Ann White died of COVID-19 in St. Peters, MO at the age of 93 on May 20, 2020.

She obtained her degree in social work from Washington University. Barbara loved her family, her husband (who preceded her), her cats (who also preceded her), and her friends. She lived an interesting and long life, and gave so much!

She’s missed deeply by her grandchildren, daughter, and step daughter as well as her friends and neighbors.


Anita LaKay Sprankle

Anita LaKay Sprankle, of French Village in St. Francois County died of COVID-19 on May 5th, 2020 at Eden Village Retirement Center in Glen Carbon, Illinois. She was 89.

She was married to her husband for 53 years until he passed in 2009. She was very social and loved spending time with family and friends. She raised three kids and enjoyed spending summers in Texas once her husband retired from working as an Illinois State Trooper. Both of her sons and grandsons are in law enforcement and Anita was a huge supporter of BackStoppers.

She’s missed by her two sons, daughter, grandchildren, and those who knew her. Her family really hopes that we find a cure for COVID-19 and supports The McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University.


Anita LaKay Sprankle obituary 

Richard Alan Camden

Richard Camden

Richard Camden of Wildwood MO died of complications from COVID-19 on May 12. He was 60 years old and married for almost 31 years. Rick was looking forward to taking his son to Sea Base to scuba dive this summer, if the coronavirus pandemic had passed. Next year, they planned to go to Philmont.

An avid outdoors man and active leading his son’s Boy Scout troop, Richard kept very active when he wasn’t work at Zisser Tire. He didn’t let leg and back pain issues keep him down!

Richard Camden is deeply missed by his wife and son. He’s left a hole in the local Boy Scouts community, at his job where he worked for over 20 years, and an irreplaceable absence in the hearts of everyone who knew him.


Alvin George Edgell – Humanitarian, WWII & Korean War veteran

Alvin George Edgell was enjoying his golden years in health at Alexian Brothers Landsdowne Village close to his family when he was struck with COVID-19, over 6 weeks after the nursing home locked down to visitors in an effort to prevent the novel coronavirus. Still very mentally sharp, he was using email to communicate until his last days. Al died on May 4th at the age of 96 with his son, a doctor at the hospital, by his side.

Al had a tremendously adventurous life, which is eloquently detailed in his obituary and public radio story linked in the sources below. A conscientious objector to WWII, his plea was rejected and he served as a medic in a non-combat role. He subsequently served in the Korean War. Al built his career around his passion, doing development work around the world.

In 1986 Al retired from Save The Children. When his wife retired they moved to St. Louis to be closer to their adult children and grandchildren. Al quickly became active in the St. Louis Ethical Society and gave speeches to other groups about world affairs. He published a memoir “Hindseeing: A Life in the World” under the pseudonym Bertram Clive Beardsley.

Alvin George Edgell is missed deeply by his wife of 50 years, his adult children, extended family, and everyone whose lives he touched.