Peyton Baumgarth

Peyton Baumgarth was 13 years old and in his first semester of 8th grade at Washington Middle School (in Washington, MO), when he died of Covid-19 on October 31st, 2020. He was the youngest person to die, so far, from coronavirus in Missouri.

Peyton’s mother told KMOV that he tested positive on October 26 after showing symptoms. He last attended school on October 22. His symptoms got worse and he was admitted to the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital on October 29, and passed away on Halloween.

Peyton loved Christmas, making his friends and family smile, playing Pokemon, making Youtube videos about Pokemon, sports, and spending time with his family and friends. He was a typical 8th grade boy and was looking forward to starting highschool in 2021.

Peyton’s mom told KMOV, “Wear a mask when you’re in public, wash your hands and know that COVID is real.”

Peyton Baumgarth is missed deeply by his mother and father who were looking forward to so many normal life milestones as he grew up, his family, classmates, community, and everyone whose lives he touched in his brief time here on earth.


Jane Durbin Jensen

Jane Jensen of Kirkwood died of Covid-19 related complications at the age of 83 on October 25, 2020.

Jane was married to the love of her life, Bill, for 19 years until his untimely death in 1979. She returned to work, raised her four daughters, and never remarried. A devout Catholic, Jane lived her faith by helping others, and passed those values on to her daughters (two of them grew up to become doctors). After 20 years as a secretary at the Museum of Transportation, Jane retired and threw herself into volunteering with St. Patrick’s Center, St. Peters Church, and other community causes. She was truly a doer with actions behind her words and thoughts.

As Susan, the oldest daughter, told mom on her deathbed, she taught us about humanity, taught us to be compassionate and empathic in all we did.  She taught us all to make human connections and that life was worth living when we looked out for each other: family, friends and strangers.  

Jane Jensen is missed deeply by her daughters, grandchildren, great grandchildren, church family, and by the many people whose lives she helped make better through her volunteer work and friendship.


Jane Jensen obituary at St. Louis Cremation 

Antoinette “Toni” Gertrude Walker

Toni died of COVID-19 on October 15th, 2020 at the age of 79.

Toni married Bill Walker 54 years ago and raised three daughters with him. She loved nothing more than spending time with family and closely following and participating in her 5 grandkids’ activities. She and Bill loved traveling together and they were never far apart. Toni was a long-time member of The St. Louis Women’s Club, Algonquin Golf Club, and St. Vincent De Paul Parish.  

Toni Walker is missed deeply by her beloved husband Bill, her children, grandchildren, and circle of friends.


Toni Gertrude Walker obituary at St. Louis Cremation 

Daniel Kampwerth

Daniel L. Kampwerth of Highland IL died of COVID-19 on October 12, 2020 at St. Elizabeth Hospital in O’Fallon IL. Has 63 years old and had just retired in 2019 after working 44 years on the factory floor at Westrock (formerly Alton Box Board Company).

He raised his kids and grandkids with the love of his life, Tami, who he was married to for 41 years and with for 46 years. Dan coached his three daughters’ ball games and played basketball with the Weinheimer Holy Dribblers Society Sunday morning basketball league. His favorite sport to play was golf, and he taught his daughters how to play, too. One of the best parts about retiring was getting to travel, play golf, and spend more time with his family. Dan was an active grandpa, and was looking forward to meeting his 4th granddaughter (due at the end of October).

His widowed wife wrote on Facebook:

“…When we retired on July 1, 2019, our intention was to focus on doing the things that make us happy. Dan played golf with a crew of friends 3-5 days a week when the weather allowed. We played lots of couples scrambles too. We traveled 7 weeks of the first 8 months we were retired. Life was good. And then the pandemic began. We watched safely from our home while the disease spread and politicians wished and promised and tried to lie it out of existence. And here we are. My 63 year old husband contracts this and dies within two weeks alone in a hospital. If someone could please end the hoax and bring him back to me…I’ll give you everything I have. He deserved so much better than this. Please let our story inspire you to take precautions. The loneliness and isolation of this virus is horrible for the patient and bad for the quarantined caretaker left behind at home. My heart is broken, my life is upended, and our family is forever changed.”

Dan Kampwerth is missed deeply by his wife, daughters, grandchildren, extended family, and his many friends. “Dan would want his friends to please stay safe, wear a mask, and to raise a glass and think of him.”


Ralph Struckhoff

Ralph Struckhoff COVID-19 death

Ralph Struckhoff died of COVID-19 on September 11th, 2020 at the age of 74. As far as he or his family knew he was perfectly healthy and had the body and mind of someone much younger. He and his wife were looking forward to celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary in October (and many more happy anniversaries after that), but now they cannot.

Ralph served our country in the U.S. Army from 1965-1967 after which he married the love of his life, Jayne. They settled in Augusta where they raised their two children while he worked worked as a Union carpenter, Local 97, for Lauer Construction. He was a member of Immaculate Conception Church in Augusta, the Knights of Columbus, and American Legion Post 262 in Augusta. Ralph enjoyed lots of things, but especially Christmas when he’d decorate the house and take extra cheer. He was always there to help a neighbor with a home project, listen to a friend, or to spend quality time making memories with his grandkids.

Ralph is deeply missed by his wife Jayne, his kids, grandkids, extended family, church family, American Legion and Knights of Columbus family, and all his many friends. His family is grateful to the nurses, doctors, and hospital staff who tried their best to save his life.

(note: I’m unclear on if Ralph Struckhoff is related to Paul Struckhoff, also of Augusta MO, who died of COVID-19 on April 28… I’m guessing they’re related but nothing I’ve found explicitly states this).