Glenn R. Manetzke

Glenn Manetzke of Labadie MO died from complications of COVID-19 at the age of 56 on January 1, 2021.

Glenn worked at Robometrics in Eureka for 25 years and raised two kids. At times in his life he worked as a volunteer firefighter, newspaper delivery driver, and landscaping business owner. He was a self proclaimed grill master who loved listening to St. Louis Cardinals and Blues games on the radio, bargain hunting, drinking beer with friends, telling corny jokes, and spending time with his 9 grandkids. Glenn was always there to help any friend in need or lend a few bucks to help through hard times.

Glenn Manetzke is missed deeply by his mother, two kids, sister and brothers, extended family and friends who were fortunate enough to know him.


Glenn Manetzke obituary at Schrader Funeral Homes 

Thomas J. Martin Jr.

Thomas Martin Jr. of Lonedell in Franklin County MO died of COVID-19 on December 12, 2020 at the age of 74.

Tom grew up in St. Louis County and joined the Army right after Highschool during the Vietnam War. After his honorable discharge, Tom started as a salesman for a food distribution business. He worked his way up, while raising a three kids with his wife, and eventually managed several food distributorships. Tom loved his faith and took joy in all kinds of outdoors activities, whether hunting, fishing, hiking or just mowing his yard. Most of all, Tom loved his kids and his grandkids, and took lots of pride in being a wonderful husband and father. He was a lifelong Republican and avid watcher of Fox News.

Thomas J. Martin Jr. is missed deeply by his wife of 42 years his kids, grandkids, extended family and circle of friends.


Thomas J. Martin Jr. obituary at Russell Colonial Funeral Home

Betsey Elaine Young

Betsey Elaine Young of St. Clair MO died of COVID-19 on December 1, 2020 at the age of 47. Her parents and sister were allowed to be with her before she was removed from the ventilator. She passed shortly after.

Betsey made Christmas ornaments every year for her friends and family. Her boyfriend since 2011 was ready to propose to her this Christmas. She also loved her four cats, her job working for the Missouri Department of Social Services in the Family Support Division, and called her mother every single night. Any kind of travel, but especially to the beach, was a welcome escape and adventure! Betsey was always there to help her friends and her cheerful compassion quickly made everything all better.

Betsey Elaine Young is missed deeply by her parents, sister, boyfriend, family, coworkers and community.


Peyton Baumgarth

Peyton Baumgarth was 13 years old and in his first semester of 8th grade at Washington Middle School (in Washington, MO), when he died of Covid-19 on October 31st, 2020. He was the youngest person to die, so far, from coronavirus in Missouri.

Peyton’s mother told KMOV that he tested positive on October 26 after showing symptoms. He last attended school on October 22. His symptoms got worse and he was admitted to the Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital on October 29, and passed away on Halloween.

Peyton loved Christmas, making his friends and family smile, playing Pokemon, making Youtube videos about Pokemon, sports, and spending time with his family and friends. He was a typical 8th grade boy and was looking forward to starting highschool in 2021.

Peyton’s mom told KMOV, “Wear a mask when you’re in public, wash your hands and know that COVID is real.”

Peyton Baumgarth is missed deeply by his mother and father who were looking forward to so many normal life milestones as he grew up, his family, classmates, community, and everyone whose lives he touched in his brief time here on earth.


Rosemarie Richardson

Rosemarie Richardson, formerly of Union, died at a nursing home in Washington MO on July 16, 2020, of COVID-19. She was 79 years old.

Rosemarie lived her whole life in the Washington-Union area, and worked at St. John’s Mercy Hospital for 37 years. She was a member of the V.F.W. Auxiliary in Washington and her friends admired her warm wit. Even in the nursing home, she was active and enjoyed trivia and participating in many activities.

She’s missed by her remaining family, and by the friends she made at the nursing home, and everyone who was lucky enough to know her on this side of life.


Rosemarie Richardson obituary on Legacy 

John William Kolditz

John W. Kolditz passed away of COVID-19 on April 3, 2020. He was 85 years old. Kolditz was the first Franklin County death attributed to COVID-19, and the first resident of Grand View Health Center in Washington MO to die of the virus. John had just returned to Grandview Nursing Home in Washington MO on March 21 to recover after having surgery on one of his legs that had been broken in a recent fall. He was showing clear symptoms of COVID-19 by March 26, at which point it was spreading around the nursing home. It’s unclear if he caught the novel coronavirus in the emergency room, at the hospital, or in the nursing home.

John’s family was able to gather outside the window at Grand Manor to wave, and talk with him on the phone until his breathing became too difficult. They passed messages to him through the staff, but he was soon unable to respond. A nurse stayed with him and held his hand in his final hours and moments, which brought his wife of 63 years much comfort.

John Kolditz served in the Airforce National Guard before marrying Minnie, the love of his life. He worked as a polymer engineer in Alton Illinois for most of his life. He proudly held the patent on a plastic material used in brake fluid reservoirs. John raised five children with Minnie, and loved taking the family on camping trips where he’d take lots of family photos. He is remembered as being a supportive husband, a loving father, and a great friend.

John W. Kolditz is missed deeply by his wife, his children, his large extended family, and those who were fortunate enough to know him.


Armella “Millie” Katherine Chisholm

Armella “Millie” Chisholm died of COVID-19 on April 14th 2020 at Grandview Health Center in Washington MO, sister facility to the elder-care home (Cedarcrest Manor) that she’d worked at many years as a Licensed Practical Nurse. She was 93 years old.

In the post-WWII years Millie married her first husband, Clarence, who she had 10 children with. After his passing, Millie was able to find love again. She was married to Harry Chisholm for about 8 years until his death in 2000.

In her retirement, Millie volunteered with the VFW, attended dances, musicals, family events, and became an avid quilter and crafter (check out her obituary for some pictures of her quilts). She kept a very busy social life, and even when dementia set in, she still enjoyed socializing with other residents and staff.

Millie’s children in the Washington MO area and with their families were very active in visiting her every day at Grandview after dementia caused her to need full time care. Her family doesn’t fault the care facility; as one of her daughters told the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

“It was unimaginable that the staff was able to deliver meals to patients everywhere in the facility, to help feed all of those who needed assistance, and to still attend to their regular needs,” she said. “Added to this was an unprecedented volume of calls from family members asking for updates. No nursing home can be staffed or prepared for such an abrupt change to their entire protocol.”

Armilla “Millie” Chisholm is missed deeply by her large extended family, the staff and other residents at Grandview Manor Nursing Home, and the countless lives she touched volunteering and as her vocation as a nurse.


Evelyn Charlotte Slater

Evelyn Charlotte Slater of Washington MO passed away of COVID-19 on April 15, 2020 at the age of 92. She was married in 1950 and had six children. Evelyn was a kind, nurturing woman. Besides taking excellent care of her husband (who preceded her in 2009) and family, she worked for many years as a nurse’s aid.

Evelyn died a few days after being diagnosed with COVID-19.

Her son told the St. Louis Post Dispatch:

“I wish people would take it more seriously,” said Joseph Slater. “You see folks walking around without masks, or looking at the social distancing thing like it’s not a serious issue. But it really is.”

Evelyn is missed by 19 great grandchildren, her large family, and the many friends she left behind.


Edith L. Woodcock

Edith Woodcock Franklin County MO COVID-19 death

Edith Woodcock of Washington, MO died April 12 from complications of COVID-19. She was 79.

Edith retired from Husky Manufacturing in Pacific MO and especially in her retirement loves square dancing and enjoying the outdoors. She was a lifelong supporter of veterans causes and a generous kind friend.

Edith Woodcock is missed by her adult children, extended family, and many friends that she made in life.