Dwontreze Lovett died of COVID-19 in mid-August 2020 at the age of 29. He worked as a barber and raised bull dogs as Co-Op Bully Kennels.

He had a high fever which he went to the emergency room for, and never left the hospital. Nine days later getting admitted, Dwontreze passed away of pneumonia caused by the coronavirus.

His mom tells 5 On Your Side somehow Dwontreze knew that he wasn’t going to survive his battle with COVID-19 and days before he passed, the Hazelwood dad called his little girl and other relatives.

“I didn’t know it, but he had called his daughter and told her to just look for me in the sky. My granddaughter, she’s like telling me my Poppa’s in the sky. My Daddy’s in the sky. He told me to be good,” said Claudette Lovett-Carson with tears streaming down her face.

5 on Your Side – KSDK

Dwontreze is deeply missed by the love of his life, Tia who he’d just married in February, his mother, his 5 year old daughter, extended family, and friends. His passing leaves a hole in the St. Louis community and in potential friends he never made because his life was cut short.

Update on October 12, 2020 from Dwontreze’s mother:

Dwontreze T. Lovett, was my ONE AND ONLY SON. He was only 29 years old, married only 3 months, with a 5 year old daughter. He was a barber in N. County for 8 years..HE MENTORED YOUNG MEN, that crossed his path. He enjoyed being with his family. He had to divide holiday time with his 3 SIDES OF HIS FAMILY. His wife side, his mother side and his father side, AND ALL SIDES ARE LARGE. I’m THANKFUL GOD LOANED ME SUCH A WONDERFUL SON FOR 29 YEARS. He was married on Feb 9, 2020…YOU COULD FEEL THE LOVE IN THE ROOM..Its was truly a family affair. My daughter in aunt, married them. Her other aunt, was the wedding coordinator. Her other aunt and cousin were the photographer and videographer. His and Her aunts cooked and catered the food. His 1st cousin was the best man. He cousin was the DJ, FAMILY, FAMILY AND FAMILY…ITS WAS A FAMILY AFFAIR…