Ellen L. Brasunas died of COVID-19 three days after turning 96 on November 19, 2020.

Ellen was a woman who gave to others and helped them heal. She first worked as a psychiatric nurse, stopping to raise her three children and returning to work as a public health and school nurse once she moved to St. Louis. When she was 52 she went back to graduate school to pursue her passion, counseling, and opened her private practice in 1980. She continued to be active as a therapist, and held her license until at least 2017.

Ellen Brasunas is deeply missed by her 3 adult kids, grandkids, great-great grandkids, extended family, church family at the St. Louis Ethical Society, huge circle of friends, and countless others who she helped out in life.

Listen to Ellen talking about facing adversity, handling transitions in life, practicing self care, and finding joy in this podcast originally found on the St. Louis Ethical Society’s archives from 2015.