Euda Pete Dean COVID-19 death

Euda E. “Pete” Dean died of COVID-19 on August 4th, 2020. A former math professor, he had suffered dementia for several years. In retirement, he and his late wife moved from Texas to St. Louis to be closer to their children and grandchildren.

According to his obituary:

“Born and raised in east Texas (the nickname “Pete” by which he was always known, was given by staff of the newborn nursery, where he cried so much they called him “Pistol Pete”), he became captain of the Abilene Christian College football team in the mid-1950s, before pursuing a career as a professor of mathematics.

He obtained his doctorate from Texas Christian University and taught for over two decades at the University of Texas at Arlington before moving to Stephenville, TX and spending the last decade of his career teaching at Tarleton State University.”

Euda is missed by his small but very close extended family.


Dean, Euda E. “Pete” Ph.D. obituary at Lupton Chapel