Arnette Reeg died on Saturday, April 13, of COVID-19. She was 87. The assisted care facility she lived for four years went into lockdown in mid-March, so her family who had previously visited her every single day could not be with her except on the phone. She had only very mild dementia and still could have lived several more years.

Arnette spent the last 8 days of her life alone and confused in her bed at the hospital as her condition deteriorated after at first seeming stable. When she was transported to the emergency room, her cell phone was forgotten, so phone calls and communication with her sons and daughters was painfully additionally limited.

She’s survived by 20 great-grandchildren and a huge extended family who miss her every day.

I could find no pictures of her online. It’s unclear if she lived in St. Louis City or County or if she was from St. Louis. I’m guessing St. Louis County, but someone please correct me if this is wrong.

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