Bruce R. Mausshardt

Bruce R Mausshardt COVID-19 death

Bruce R. Mausshardt died of COVID-19 on April 20, 2020 at the age of 68 years old. A keyboardist, piano player, and all around musician since he first learned to tickle the ivories at 5 years old, Bruce had played in several bands over the years. He also loved everything about St. Louis from with his favorites being World Wide Magazine, Forest Park, Elicia’s pizza, and Mom’s Deli. Bruce suffered from Alzheimer’s the past 11 years but could respond to his favorite songs, “air piano”, and mouth out the words.

Bruce Mausshardt is missed by his wife of 38 years, his daughter, his step-daughter, his adopted niece, extended family, and everyone who got to hear him play music or knew him as a friend.