Betsey Elaine Young

Betsey Elaine Young of St. Clair MO died of COVID-19 on December 1, 2020 at the age of 47. Her parents and sister were allowed to be with her before she was removed from the ventilator. She passed shortly after.

Betsey made Christmas ornaments every year for her friends and family. Her boyfriend since 2011 was ready to propose to her this Christmas. She also loved her four cats, her job working for the Missouri Department of Social Services in the Family Support Division, and called her mother every single night. Any kind of travel, but especially to the beach, was a welcome escape and adventure! Betsey was always there to help her friends and her cheerful compassion quickly made everything all better.

Betsey Elaine Young is missed deeply by her parents, sister, boyfriend, family, coworkers and community.