Richard “Ike” Eichenberger

Richard “Ike” Eichenberger died from complications of COVID-19 on December 23, 2020 at the age of 76.

Ike had a lifelong career in music, and served in the U.S. Army in the Vietnam War as Acting Commander of the American Division Band in Chu Lai, South Vietnam. He was a music educator for over forty years in Orchard Farm, St. Charles, and Ferguson-Florissant school districts and at Fontbonne College, Lindenwood University and Meramec Community College. Ike was a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, performer, mentor and teacher throughout his life. He and his first wife Mary were an amazing musical team. They had no children and welcomed their students into their hearts and home. Mary passed away, and in 2017 Ike remarried and was immediately loved by his wife’s adult children and grandchildren.

Ike is missed by his widow, step children, thousands of former students, and the countless people whose lives he touched.


Richard Ike Eichenberger obituary at Hutchens Funeral Homes 

Terry “Mr. Fingers” Bradford

Terry “Mr. Fingers” Bradford passed of COVID-19 on September 8, 2020. He was 57 years old.

Terry was a talented keyboard and organ player. For many years he served as the director for the Mass Choir and Music Department at Calvary Missionary Baptist Church. He had three kids of his own and was a father figure and role model to countless more. Terry kept his faith until the end.

Terry Bradford is missed deeply by his mother, kids, family, extended family, church family, friends, and fans.

Terry Bradford’s August 12 video from the hospital. He was fighting for his life with COVID-19.
Terry’s August 27 communication about having COVID-19 from the hospital
August 29 – he was going to be put on a ventilator and not getting better.
Terry’s son Michael posted that he passed early in the morning of September 8.
Terry Bradford’s homecoming service


Terry Bradford’s videos in no particular order:

One of Terry’s last videos, over ZOOM.
Terry Bradford’s virtual performance on July 25, 2020 a few weeks before falling ill with COVID-19
Terry Bradford used the COVID-19 restrictions and slow-down to create this video honoring his family on May 6, 2020. He was being super careful and still caught COVID-19.