Margaret Mary Hellrich

margaret mary hellrich covid-19 death

Margaret Mary Hellrich (nicknamed Meaux) died from complications of COVID-19 and “general health issues” on August 28, 2020 at Stearns Nursing Home in Granite City, IL. She was 58 years old and also suffering from early onset Alzheimer’s.

Although born with Down’s Syndrome, Margaret’s family loved and fully supported her so she was able to live a fulfilling life, traveling overseas to Europe and Australia and all around the country. She was very involved with the Catholic Church throughout her entire life, advanced through Special Education, and found employment and even more friends at the Sheltered Workshop. Margaret loved music, dancing, animals, camping trips, and leopard print clothes. Her special friend of 30+ years was Pete, who would take two different busses to visit her as much as possible until the nursing home locked down for COVID.

Margaret Mary Hellrich is deeply missed by her lifelong friend Pete, her sisters and brothers, friends from the sheltered workshop, church family, and all the friends she made at Stearns Nursing Home and in her life. She always had a warm smile and was a loving spirit who brought out the best in everyone.


Margaret Mary Hellrich obituary at Irwin Chapel